Introduction Day to the Comprehensive Resource Model

This Information Presentation and Practical will introduce the CRM Basic Training which will take place in Utrecht, February 15 – 18, 2018

The Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM) is a highly effective complex trauma treatment model based on the most current neuro-biological research.  This affect-focused, mid-brain based approach to healing trauma is an evolution from already existing models which focus on a bottom up approach and the body-mind-spirit connection.  A nested scaffold of internal resources provide the brain and body-based safety which allows clients to stay fully present in the moment throughout the work.  This reduces client’s fear of the therapy itself as well as decreasing the experience of being re-traumatised through re-membering, releasing and re-consolidation.  Attachment history and the neurobiology of secure attachment are the cornerstone of the model in which intolerable moments of emotions are stepped into fully, allowing for defence responses to be dismantled and rendered unnecessary.

Join us to experience a taste of CRM and learn about this unique trauma therapy first hand.  You will hear a presentation on the model followed by a practical demonstration. There will be an opportunity for questions as well as a chance to receive a discounted rate to attend the upcoming Utrecht CRM Basic Training. Lisa Schwarz, the creator and developer of this highly effective modality, will travel from the US to present. Lisa is also the lead author of the recently released scientific monograph “The Comprehensive Resource Model:  Effective Therapeutic Techniques For The Healing Of Complex Trauma”.

Tuesday 26th September 2017


Location / Venue:
Vergadercentrum Vredenburg
Vredenburg 19
3511 BB Utrecht

Cost - €75.00

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