CRM - Comprehensive Resource Model

After the successful Basic Training in Cologne 2016,
Lisa Schwarz returns to Europe in 2017 / 2018!

All dates in Germany, France and the Netherlands  2017 / 2018


Basic Training in Paris, France* (995,- Euro)



Basic Training in Utrecht, NL



Advanced Training = Core Self
in Köln / Cologne, Germany



Basic Training Hamburg, Germany





Cooperation Deutschland / Nederland

Training fee in 2018: 695,- Euro


Receive a 150 € discount if you sign up for a CRM Basic Training

in either Utrecht, The Netherlands; or Paris, France along with
Core Self in Cologne, Germany simultaneously.


For more information or if you have questions and to receive the discount, please contact the CRM Office Manager, Phil Kyritz, directly at





Submit through official CRM-website

Please fill out Registration Details and Submit.

Payment possible with PayPal or credit cards in EURO.